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#34. The Importance Of Short-term, Measurable Goals

The secret formula: 1) complete short-term, measurable goals 2) consistently 3) over a long period of time = how you complete bigger aspirational goals.

I have written on this subject before, but I wanted to do so again with more of a focus on personal finance.

Any dreams or goals that you have that are not measurable in the short-term might as well be thrown in the trash. This may be an exaggeration, but I am still somewhat serious.

Having a simple goal to "save money" will not have any lasting effects. Here are some tips on turning popular overused broad goals into specific, measurable goals:


Broad goal - I am going to save more money.

Short-term, measurable goals/actions - 1. I will not eat out this week. 2. I will put 25% of each paycheck directly into my savings. 3. I will move the money from my savings account at my regular bank into a harder to reach high yield savings account.


Broad goal - I am going to make more money.

Short-term, measurable goals/actions - 1. I will declutter my house and sell the unused items. 2. I am going to start learning a new skill this week. 3. I am going to read a book on being an entrepreneur this month. 4. I will apply for a higher paying job this month.


Broad goal - I am going to spend less money.

Short-term, measurable goals/actions - 1. I am going to do a no-spend week. 2. I will not buy anything on Amazon this month. 3. I will not go out with my friends this month.

The Takeaway

This article does not need to be long to get the point across. It is great to realize that you need to save money (or insert another broad goal), but if you do not turn these broad goals into short-term, measurable plans, you may never accomplish them.

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