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#97. Whatever You Call It, Take Time To Meditate, Pray, Listen, Etc.

"Go, go, GO!"

If you're not on the go, you are not moving forward. Right??

Spending time with your own thoughts can be tricky. Doing so in the wrong way can leave anyone feeling overwhelmed.

Many people realize that meditation done the right way can be very beneficial.

The Mayo Clinic says meditation is "a simple, fast way to reduce stress."

However, even though most people believe meditation and/or prayer are beneficial, many do not do any of them on a consistent basis.

A big reason for this is that when a person is not doing something, they are constantly thinking about what they SHOULD be doing.

Let's call this default mode.

Default Mode

When a person is physically sitting still, they default to thoughts of what they should be doing. This leads to guilt and more stress.

Many people then take reactive steps to combat these thoughts. They often start doing something, even if it has nothing to do with what they were worrying about.

"Ugh. I need to get my work assignment done, and I am just sitting here. I am going to clean off my desk."

"Ugh. I really need to do the laundry, and I am just watching TV. I am going to go run errands."

This is a form of procrastination that people don't realize. The technical term for this form of procrastination is "Productive Procrastination" or "Structured Procrastination."

Productive Procrastination

Productive procrastination is when you do something that is objectively productive, but you do so because you are delaying work on a more important task.

This is one of the biggest problems with spending time meditating, praying, or just sitting in your own thoughts.

How in the world can you take time to meditate or pray when you have dirty dishes in the sink?

"I know I need to pray, but I should read some of this book on my nightstand first."

Productive procrastination, if not addressed, will leave you never being able to spend the appropriate time in your own thoughts.

The Simple Fix

Well, the fix is a simple approach, but it is not easy to put into practice and make it a habit.

Schedule time to meditate/pray.

Scheduling time to perform this task does two things. It allows you to be intentional with your time, and, in turn, helps relieve stress from not doing something else.

There are many ways to meditate, but most forms require a relaxing environment and focused thoughts. To create this environment, you must be intentional with your time.

The reason I lump prayer in with meditation is because of a key element of prayer that many people miss.

I'm not here to tell people how to pray, but I will say this. Prayer done without spending time just to listen is not as beneficial as it could be.

If you are seeking answers or asking for help from a higher power, you must spend scheduled, focused time simply listening and being with your thoughts.

I Was Told This Was A Financial Independence And Personal Finance Blog . . . What's Up?!?

Wealth is more than just a dollar amount. Health and relationships are just as important as the money in your accounts.

Wealth building does very little if you completely ignore your health (physical and mental) and valued relationships.

Because of this belief, I will continue to intertwine wealth, health, and relationships when writing on my personal finance/financial independence blog.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below. Let us be a community that helps each other grow. And if you enjoyed this article, don't forget to hit the heart icon, share it with your friends, and subscribe for more content.

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