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#43. Being Wealthy vs. Looking Wealthy

I was asked the following question yesterday: "How can I make my house look like I have money when I am struggling financially?"

I was definitely taken aback by the question because I wanted to scream, "You are worried about the wrong thing!" However, I knew this was not going to help anything.

After collecting my thoughts, I gave the following response (paraphrasing):

"Clutter usually looks cheap. A minimalist, clean approach gives wealthier vibes in my opinion. However, true wealth is built beneath the surface. Actually building wealth instead of trying to look wealthy is the way to go."

It was difficult to muster up the strength to answer the question, but I forced myself to anyways. Afterwards, I was pleased that my answer did two things. One, it encouraged the person to save money (and even get rid of things). And two, I respectfully let the person know my opinion on the problems of trying to appear wealthy.

A Lesson To Be Learned (Plus One Actionable Tip)

Comparison is a tool that can be used for good. Comparing how you are doing things versus how an actual wealthier person is doing certain things can give you ideas. If you are unable to identify where you can make changes in your life to better yourself, compare what you are doing to a more successful individual.

If you want to better yourself financially, look to financially successful people. If you want to get in better physical shape, look to individuals who have figured out how to accomplish this. And if you wish to better yourself spiritually, find a person you trust and open up to them.

However, if used the wrong way, comparison can be extremely detrimental and lead you to live a certain way to keep up with appearances.

Tip - If you are spending money for vanity or appearance sake, at least admit the truth to yourself. Being honest with yourself should give you a better chance to change this potential wealth destroying habit.

Please note that I am not referring to the relatively low-lost expenses, such as a haircut, manicure, or new clothes. Taking pride in your appearance in low-cost ways can give you the confidence you need to become more successful.

I am referring to the more expensive things you do for appearances, such as buying a brand new car, a bigger house you cannot afford, or a $5,000 suit.

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