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#56. It's Spring Break!?! Are You Choosing Experiences or Material Things?

As the title suggests, we are on a mini spring break vacation. My wife is a kindergarten teacher, and she is currently out on spring break. My job does not offer spring break, but it allows for a somewhat flexible schedule.

This all translates to - we took a vacation.

I have always been more of a night owl, even on vacation. While the rest of my family sleeps, I am usually still awake watching tv or doing something on my phone or laptop.

Tonight is no different. My wife and son are sound asleep, and here I am, watching the Nuggets and Suns game while I type this article.

Reflecting on this vacation, one thing has become very clear. I have much fewer internal debates when it comes to spending money on experiences vs. material things. I have always known this, but it has become even more apparent this trip (probably because it's our first vacation since I started The Sytch journey and made all spending decisions into conscious ones).

Popular Money Debates

There are some very common money debates. Some of the most popular ones include:

  1. Whether you should pay off your home mortgage early

  2. Real estate or stock market investing?

  3. Crypto or not?

  4. Should you prioritize spending on experiences vs. material things?

There seem to be legit arguments on both sides of the above arguments, no matter which one you choose.

However, I struggle much more with finding legit reasons to spend "X" amount of dollars on material possessions.

Material Possessions or Experiences

My primary reason for wanting to spend money on experiences is because of the lasting memories they give you. You will remember past vacations even if 20 years have passed.

Very few material possessions create that type of lasting impression on a person.

I have written on this subject somewhat before, but I wanted this one to be a little different.

I am in somewhat of a bubble with my thinking. And if you are honest with yourself, you are too. Everyone has their own way of processing information, primarily due to their past experiences. Past experiences and prior teachings are the bulk of the reasons why someone perceives the world the way they do.

People may have vastly different opinions on things, but each opinion usually comes in the form of some rational train of thought.

Your Homework Assignment

Due to this, I am looking for some good arguments for buying that material item instead of spending money on a vacation.

I need some counterarguments to keep my brain as balanced as possible on this topic. If you would rather spend money on a new Xbox One instead of a weekend getaway, please tell me why.

This is a judgment-free zone! Please leave your comments below :).

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