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#74. Is Manifestation A Bunch Of Bullcrap?!?

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I never thought I'd ever write a post about manifestation or the law of attraction, but here we are!

At the most basic level, manifesting your future (aka the law of attraction) goes like this: Your reality is shaped by your thoughts.

If you take this simple yet vague definition on its face, there are more holes than anyone could count.

This was my fallacy for too long. Instead of looking at different interpretations of what manifesting our life through our thoughts could mean, I would just quickly fall back to dissing the above definition.

My mind would immediately go to something like the following:

So, you're saying people are only poor and go hungry because they have a poor mindset?!?

While I have come across people who think this way (that no one is born lucky and everyone has to work for what they have), many people who are advocates for the law of attraction do not think that way.

In Comes David & John, The Debt Free Guys

David and John are hosts of the Queer Money podcast. They focus on money management for the LGBTQ+ community.

Although their primary focus is on their community, their teachings about money are universal. I have watched/listened to many of their episodes for six months now, and I always find extra tidbits or ways to think about things I didn't before.

Jump to their episode that was posted earlier in the week: How To Manifest More Money And Abundance | Manifestation.

The Episode

My dad is a huge advocate of the law of attraction. Because of this, I was extremely excited to see the title of this episode.

Their guest for this episode was Nick Demos. Nick is a Tony Award-winning producer and documentary filmmaker.

Just a few minutes into the episode, I was already writing down notes (By the way, I do not find myself doing this a lot when watching YouTube videos).

After finishing the episode, I was not disappointed.

Here are some of the notes I came away with.


"It’s not the single thoughts that manifest things.

It’s the repeated thoughts that manifest your beliefs.

And it’s your beliefs that create your actions.

And it’s your actions that create your results.

It all starts with your repeated thoughts."

(Paraphrasing Nick Demos)

Wow! This is a totally digestible explanation.

It doesn't disagree with the basic definition above. But it succinctly shows how your thoughts can directly impact your results.

Nick debunked a common misconception early on in the episode about, "You can never have bad thoughts!"

He explained that bad or negative thoughts are actually normal. It is this mechanism that keeps us alive instead of blindly walking across a busy highway.

The kicker is this - it's not the single, isolated positive or negative thoughts that shape your beliefs, it's your dominant, repeated thoughts that do.

If you are still with me and can buy that definition of manifestation, let's press on!


"In order to attract abundance, you must “be” abundant" (you must “be” the thing you are after) - Again, paraphrasing Nick Demos.

Here is what I understood this to mean.

If you are wanting more money in your life, you cannot think of money as being a finite source. You need to start seeing money as an infinite source - as abundant.

No matter what you are chasing in life, everything you are after is abundant. This is the persona you need to embody.

Okay, Cool. I Am Starting To Kinda See How Your Results Start With Your Thoughts. Now What?

This Is Where The 4 R's Come Into Play

Review. Release. Renew. Receive.

Now the work begins.


Review the stories and beliefs you have in your head and determine whether they are legit or not.

Common money stories we are all taught include:

  • Making money requires hard work.

  • It is hard to make money owning your own business.

  • Money doesn't grow on trees (money is not abundant).

  • I have to work in my job until 65.

Once you identify these stories that you have always believed to be true (subconsciously or consciously), now it's time to examine them.

Really examine each of your beliefs and decide whether they are true OR is it just something you believe to be true. This is a key distinction.

Let's just look at the belief that "making money requires hard work". If this were true, then wouldn't everyone who works hard be rich?

Everyone who works hard and long hours are obviously not rich, so maybe this belief is untrue.

However you dissect these beliefs, you have to believe your own logic.

If you are unable to believe that owning your own business is not hard work, you will not be able to change that belief, your actions, and ultimately, the result.

Personally, I wrote down 9 false beliefs I had about money for this step. I also plan to go through this process with my football coaching job as well.


This is one of the hardest steps to accomplish. Now that you debunked all your prior money beliefs, you have to release these false beliefs.

This will take practice. Nick suggested writing them down and speaking stuff out loud are two effective techniques that help.

Moving on to the next step also helps you release your false beliefs.


Here is the fun part. You now must write your new stories and beliefs.

Using the list of false money beliefs you once had and have now released, write a new story with your new beliefs.

One tip Mr. Demos had when writing your story was:

“This or something greater” – meaning, you may be manifesting something specific, but realize that you may not get that specifically, you may get something greater. Manifest something specific "or something greater".

So, if your new money story includes making six figures a year in income, write the following instead, "six figures OR MORE a year in income."

Again, just like during the "Review" process, your new story must be believable to you. If you are trying to manifest $1,000,000 tomorrow and you cannot visualize an actual and believable path to it, don't make that your new story.

Don't limit yourself, but also don't set impossible goals that you cannot even visualize coming true.

Your beliefs do shape your actions, but if you cannot believe your own thoughts, they will not lead to action.


This is the most vulnerable part of the process. You must be willing and ready to accept these good things happening to you.

This is where imposter syndrome often rears its ugly head. If you don't think you deserve the good things happening to you, you are much less likely to accept them.

It sounds counterintuitive. But we often reflect good things, even simple compliments.

In Summary . . .

Manifestation requires a mindset of abundance.

Although it is not an easy process to ward off your bad thoughts, if you go through the 4 R's and revisit your new stories and beliefs routinely, you can start to shape your reality.

I never thought I would write a sentence like that, but as I said in the intro, "here we are".

Please share your thoughts in the comments below. Let us be a community that helps each other grow. And if you enjoyed this article, don't forget to hit the heart icon, share it with your friends, and subscribe for more content.

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