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#84. Do You Suffer From Lack Of Time OR Lack Of Time Management?

What?!? Monday's post being published on Tuesday???

It sure is.

The busier our life gets, the more I think about whether I have less time or I suffer from poor time management.

I have written about this somewhat before, but that's how important time management is - especially the older you get.

Most people do not realize how much time is "wasted" in a typical week. I put the word "wasted" in quotations because spending conscious time doing nothing can be healthy. However, when you unconsciously sit on your couch for hours scrolling through social media, that's where the problem is.

Think about the purpose of having a budget. When budgeting, the main purpose is to change all spending decisions from unconscious ones to conscious ones. I like to think of time management the same way.

If you budget for time to do nothing, then doing nothing can be an excellent use of your time!

Budget Your Time For A Week And A Half

I like the rule - try something for 10 days then reevaluate whether you want to make it a lifestyle change.

I am not the first to think of the 10-day rule, but I can not remember who I heard it from (if you know, let me know in the comments!)

10 days is generally enough time to know whether it can become a lasting change and if it will be worth it for you and your family.

Also, if you can't even do something for 10 days, you are either not ready for the challenge or is it a challenge not worth pursuing. You will have to make your best judgment call here.

My Challenge

I am going to budget my time like we do our money over the next 10 days. My goal is to consciously spend each hour doing something I planned.

It already sounds exhausting, but I know it will provide me with valuable information. I do not plan on keeping this up for the long term, however, it should provide me with enough data to better utilize my time going forward.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below. Let us be a community that helps each other grow. And if you enjoyed this article, don't forget to hit the heart icon, share it with your friends, and subscribe for more content.

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