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#30. Why I Chose 7 Years

With this being my 30th post, I have officially been on this journey for over two months now. Oddly enough, a lot has happened over these two months, including having to do something that I have not had to do for ten years - interview for a job (and I had to do it twice!) Do not worry, this new position would be a second job and not a change of career. Feel free to call me a tease, but I want to wait to go into detail on this potential new position until it becomes official.

Over the last week, my wife has suggested multiple times that I write a post reflecting on why I started this website. She has liked my articles for the most part, she just wanted a post looking back on why I began writing and whether my "why" has changed.

To accomplish the task she wanted me to, I had to read my first post again, My Epiphany: The Sytch. Before reading my initial post, I planned to read my Time Challenge Series in order. However, I could not even finish my first post.

Not being able to finish reading my first post was not because of it being poorly written or anything of that sort. When I got to my fourth paragraph, I realized I promised a post about why I chose seven years! If you did not know, "The Sytch" is short for The Seven-Year Time Challenge.

I still plan to go back and read my other posts in the Time Challenge Series this week, primarily to make sure I am still on the right path. I may even have my other two posts this week dedicated to reflection and soul-searching (I am only half sure I know what I mean by this sentence).

Why I Chose Seven Years

You cannot go anywhere in life without seeing headlines of this sort:

"Lose 30 pounds in 90 days"

"A Guaranteed Way To Achieve Financial Freedom In One Year"

"Get Rich In 100 Days By Following This Proven Formula"

While these headlines or pitches may not be entirely a lie, such as being able to lose 30 pounds in 90 days, they have an inherent flaw built into them.

Any sort of "hack" or quick fix to a problem may lead to short-term success, but it hardly ever leads to long-term prosperity.

Think back to a time when you decided to make an abrupt, life-altering decision. Examples include deciding to cut out pop (or soda depending on where you live) entirely, deciding to run everyday going forward, or deciding to never again spend money on a five dollar coffee drink because you wanted to start saving money.

While all these decisions may lead to short-term success, such as losing an inch around your waistline or having 25 extra dollars in your bank account every week, the majority of these superficial undertakings will not become lifetime habits.

I chose seven years because I wanted to make changes that last my whole life. If you are wanting to make these types of lasting changes, you cannot take shortcuts and must maintain a clear purpose. You have to make conscious efforts to create habits that are manageable and reasonable enough that you would continue them for your life. Always knowing your "why I get out of bed" purpose in life will help you follow through with these changes.

Seven years is enough time to change your life completely without causing too much stress on your family. My wife and I both work full-time jobs, have one child and plan to have a second one, and are both constantly taking on other responsibilities. Seven years allows us to make lifestyle changes monthly, or quarterly, without flipping our lives upside down.

Finally, seven years gives us a deadline and is when I turn 40 years old. If this challenge was called, "The Getting Back My Time Challenge," I could be working on achieving this goal the rest of my life. Having a clear-cut plan in place with a set finish line in the distance should help keep us motivated moving forward.

Always Try To Better Yourself

No matter how busy a person is, you ALWAYS have time to become a better version of yourself. If you truly believe you do not have the time to invest in yourself, you should immediately examine your life and decide what you need to cut out.

This is especially true if you have people in your life who rely on you.

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