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#49. Finding My Personal Finance Niche

I started writing for this blog last year in November. I started this journey without having any niche in mind. All I wanted was to become financially independent by my 40th birthday (7 years from when I started) and document my journey.

I did not have an endgame in sight. My ultimate plan was to continue writing after reaching this milestone. I enjoy writing for two major reasons. One, it helps me hold myself accountable. And two, it relieves a lot of stress I keep bottled up.

Because of how I started this blog, I never wanted to limit myself on what I could write about. I really enjoy personal finance, so I knew there would often be a focus on it. But, when I have sat down and wanted to write about something a little off topic, I have done so (these blogs include tips to become physically fit, my post about nothing, dealing with criticism, the power of showing up, a letter to 18-year old me, dealing with isolating thoughts, the power of knowing your "why" in life, and how selfishness can be a good thing).

I have been feeling pressure on narrowing my writing down to a specific niche within the personal finance community. But what I cannot figure out is whether this is due to external or internal pressures. The more I interact with others in the personal finance world, they usually have a specific area within this world that they focus on.

Examples of more niche topics in the personal finance community would be getting out of extreme debt, being a minimalist, getting rich on rental properties, or trying to reach FIRE (financial independence retire early) as quick as possible.

I think the struggle I am feeling comes down to this:

I started this blog as a tool to hold myself accountable and achieve my goal of becoming financially independent in 7 years. However, as a writer, I want to reach a bigger audience so more people can read my stuff. Finding a niche within the personal finance community would most likely lead to more readers. This conflict makes me feel selfish.

Through my experience, I have learned that the reason finding a niche gives you a bigger audience is because it builds your brand. I could be "Zach who writes about personal finance" or "Zach, the expert on how to retire early". Each brand might write about similar topics, but people would be more likely to gravitate towards the more niche branding.

While writing this blog, I have enjoyed two topics more than others. I enjoy trying to break down personal finance topics to actionable tips (Adulting Is Hard series). Also, I have enjoyed talking about money and mindset. So, here is the issue, this encompasses all of my articles!

Every article has something to do with the importance of having the right mindset about money or breaking down money topics to actionable steps. Having to limit myself to a specific topic at this point seems too difficult.

This broader approach with writing I have taken has been a benefit to me personally. As I said earlier, putting my thoughts down on paper is a good stress reliever. I have also met a lot of different people virtually that I might not have met if I took the more niche approach.

At this time, I am going to keep experimenting with writing about whatever I want vs. writing about specific topics. I am going to continue to go back and forth, unless I get a strong sense that I should focus on one topic.

No matter which direction my writing goes, my goal has remained the same. I want to achieve financial independence, so I can do the things on my top 13 list whenever I choose to.

Oh, and I would love feedback on this. If you enjoy some of my writing/content more than others, I would love for you to tell me. Just please do it kindly :)

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